Tiny ELF binaries on ARM

Looks like breadbox didn't want to go down this rabbithole. So we'll have to do it instead.

  • e_machine seems to be the only checked header field (e_entry alignment checks are normal, because if it wouldn't be aligned, the code would segfault on entry.)
  • phdr parsing etc. is done architecture-independent, so the same tricks should be usable here as well.
    • However, on x86, we were using the way page mapping works to only have to specify a few flags, this probably can't be ported over.
  • Each ARM opcode is 4 bytes long, and needs to be aligned. This kinda sucks for all the overlapping tricks. Also, arbitrary constants can't be loaded into registers easily.
    • Do we want to depend on Thumb-mode?
  • Dynamic linking stuff